велотуризм, рыбалка, сауна, бильярд, караоке, шашлыки, пешие прогулки, свежий воздух, катание на лодках и многое другое...
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All for your excellent rest.

In the summer of the last year in picturesque vicinities of the city of Zarasai, on coast of lake Zarasas, the new guest house "Sodyba prie ežero" 382 has opened. In a two-storeyed private residence - seven cosy numbers for the residing, two of which are calculated on reception of families with children. Each number of hotel - with all convenience and modern furniture, is available the conditioner, a refrigerator, satellite TV. In manor there is a bath-sauna with pool, a billiard hall, a banquet hall from a karaoke, cafe where the wide choice of dishes is offered, drinks, beer on draught. There is all necessary conditions for carrying out of various celebrations and business meetings, and lodgers of hotel can order for themselves a breakfast, a dinner or a supper.

To services having a rest - the arranged well beach with a pier, a five-seater boat and a water bicycle. Excellent conditions for fishing. The comfort, cosy, house conditions, close and benevolent service will make your rest pleasant and remembered.

The hotel is on coast of lake Zarasas - a pearl of edge Zarasai where various shows and festivals of republican and international value are traditionally spent. From coast the beautiful kind on the city of Zarasai opens. In it to year to city the honourable status of  "Cultural capital of Lithuania" that will be noted by grandiose fair of a cultural heritage in the beginning of September is appropriated.

Zarasai borrows a separate place of honour among set of small, cosy Lithuanian small towns. Located on border with Latvia, in an environment of seven lakes, this small settlement (8 thousand inhabitants) can be considered as one of the centers of tourist Lithuania. It is considered to be year of a birth of city 1522 - date of the first annalistic mention of it. An old part of city with an ancient church and a stone roadway - the urbanistic monument of XVII century protected by the state.

The city for the long history some times changed the name. - Novoaleksandrovsk - the Russian emperor Nikolay I which has visited these places. He has enjoined to give one of them to it. Imperator has been so subdued by the local nature and architectural shape of small town that has decided to name it in honour of son Alexander. In the twentieth years of the last century the city was called Ezhernai. And only in 1930 to it have returned its primary name. The Zarasai area concerning the nature is one of the most unique and beautiful in Lithuania. 30 percent of its territory borrow woods, basically, pine, rich with berries and mushrooms. In area is two regional parks - Grazhutes and Sartu, it is totaled about 300 lakes, 8 rivers, from which longest - Shviantoyi (Sacred) proceed.

In vicinities of city set of historical, architectural, archeologic and natural monuments: the oldest in Lithuania an oak (1500 years old), wooden church of XVI century with a unique wooden altar in style of a baroque, a statue of Maiden Maria on a place of its phenomenon to two people, the places connected with ancient religious cult ceremonies and other sights.